Thursday, July 27, 2006

Just A Reminder

al-Qaeda is still out there and active.

As usual Matt Yglesias gets it absolutely right.

It's worth re-emphasizing that al-Qaeda, unlike Saddam Hussein, Iran, Syria,
Hezbollah, or Hamas really does seem to be hell-bent on mounting terrorist
attacks against the United States and committed to totally absurd goals like
(re-)Islamifying Spain. This is a serious problem that ought to be dealt with
instead of running around the world picking additional fights, multiplying our
enemies, and creating problems that are too big to solve.

Remember, despite the carping of the trolls, sound strategy is not appeasement, pining for the 60s, unpatriotic or anti-American. If one of you ever has the gall to say any of those things to my face, I'll show you just how pacifist a south Georgia boy can be.

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Yer feeling fiesty today!