Friday, July 21, 2006

Jesus Christ Bobby! WTF!

Ann Coulter meets what's left of the Grateful Dead.

I would be disappointed except I got over being disappointed with the remaining members of that great band a long time ago.


Blackjackk said...

Of course I would respond to this post...

I think my initial reading of this, and the threads to the original article, made me a little depressed.

But the more I thought about it, Dead shows really brought all kinds. Hardcore touring heads, the "hippie crowd", those coming to the local rock show, first time young 'uns coming with their long haired friend from Jr High/High School and your average everyday Deadheads.

The average everyday heads were everybody - college students, blue collar, white collar. I saw so many "rednecks" at the Southern shows that were huge heads who came out everytime the Dead were in town. Same with the feather haired, pencil thin mustached, "Joisey" heads who were just as passionate.

Of course the Republicans hit the shows too. They had groups of friends and enjoyed good music. That's what it was truly about - once you got past the veggie burrito and T-shirt vendors. They smoked weed - even though they will condemn it now, just as they condemned Clinton. They probably smoked more weed in one week in HS/Colleg than Clinton did in his entire life.

But it was about the music and the Dead's music was pretty much apolitical. The only really political song was "Cream Puff War" and that was the first album and was rarely played in concert past 67.

So let people like Coulter have their fun. They can rationalize all they want but this was a band who played plenty of Liberal events and benefits. When it is about the music, even hardcore, crazy-ass right wingers can overlook what they want to overlook. If not, they would be stuck with Johnny Ramone, Ted Nugent and country artists like Toby Keith to listen to.

However, it is quite funny about her comparison to a political statement comparing her non-issue with smoking when it comes to the Dead by saying it is liberals who have the issues with smoking, obviously referring to cigarettes and not weed. Whatever.

And I'd love to really hear if Blob Weird really invited her to the show. She says it but she also has said that her and Al Franken are friends and he refuted that pretty heavily in his book. Weir is easily the most supportive of liberal causes of any of the band members so I would be surprised if it happened the way she said.

Anonymous said...

I actually interviewed Ann Coulter around the time of her new book's release. It doesn't surprise me at all that she's a deadhead.

See you on Thursday.