Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Poll Report


My polling place is never really busy but this was a little beyond the pale. I went at 12:30 hoping to hit the lunch crowd.

It was me and four of the elderly.

And people wonder why Social Security is the third rail of politics.

So then I went driving around looking for a few cheering supporters.

More tumbleweeds. Maybe they are waiting for the afternoon rush hour.

One scene that was just precious was a lone little boy flagging a Nan Orrock sign on Rock Springs road.

My take on primary day? We have the most interesting races in years and we will have a record low turnout. Sigh.

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Blackjackk said...

Saw lots of Jim Martin and Cathy Cox supporters this morning at the very busy corners of:

Clarimont & Briarcliff
Clairmont & Lavista
Clarimont & N Druid Hills
Lavista & Briarcliff

This was on one drive to drop off the boy at camp and then head to work. So they were at the hotspots.