Friday, July 14, 2006

Drifting Through The Grift Georgia Endorsements

My first endorsements ever.

I am going to implement two rules for my endorsements. Either I have to have met the person or someone who I trust must pass along critical and hopefully dirty information. The more filled with dread and loathing, the more strong the endorsement. So let the games begin.

Secretary of State (D)- Shyam Reddy. The only politician this season that I have met. He seems capable and competent and that's good enough for me. Vote for Reddy.

Governor (D) - Cathy Cox. I really have wanted to support Cathy Cox all along but lately she has done nothing but piss me off. However, whispered tales of Mark Taylor's Jabba the Hutt like ways in South Georgia politics have convinced me that given little choice, Cox is the only choice. And that's all I got to say about that.

Lieutenant Governor (R) - Casey Cagle. And I will already break my rules. I have not met Cagle and I don't know anything personal on Reed. But Reed is the devil and that's good enough. Vote Cagle to keep Georgia from a thousand years of tribulation.

As far as the rest? Throw a dart to make your picks. No, that might break the fancy new voting machines. Close your eyes and just start punching buttons. For the rest of the statewide races mostly leave me meh.

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