Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another Brother Story

Earlier, I told you the tale of a brother who believed a truck was speaking to his soul.

Now, the same brother has bought a new t.v. It's a fancy, flat screen LCD model. He was very proud as he showed me his new toy. Then, a look came over his face. He told me that he bought a new DVD to see how it would look.

"I just wanted to watch a movie", he said. "I saw commercials for it and I knew it was a romance but it was a cowboy movie and I figured that it would have great scenery. I thought it would be perfect for my new high tech t.v.".

As I realized what he was about to tell me, I began cackling.

He had bought Brokeback Mountain.

His review? It was a good movie, but a little slow. He didn't mind the "scenes" so much but they did make him twitch a bit.

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