Sunday, July 16, 2006

More "Appeasement" Talk

Condi Rice on ABC's This Week this morning:

(Paraphrased)We should have learned from September 11th that we cannot use
appeasement when dealing with extremist.

Can someone point out to me these people that post-9/11 talked of appeasement with al-Qaeda? Other than some extreme loons you can't find any because there were none.

Revisionist history is such a wonderful thing. Let's look back at what really happened.

After 9/11, we engaged the Taliban and al-Qaeda in their home base of Afghanistan. We did this with the support of the entire world. The entire world. Including most Arab nations.

Then, the Bush administration made the conscious choice to open a second front in this war, against a nation that has been shown as no threat and against the warnings of regional experts that we could possibly kick the hornet's nest.

This move made many reasonable people say, "what the hell"?

Common sense, reasonable foreign policy and sound military strategy are not appeasement.

Appease terrorists? Before Rice and her boss cavalierly tossed away arguably the most powerful moral position the U.S. has ever had we had an opportunity to destroy terrorists.

Never let them forget this fact. It was their choice to throw that away. They had one golden shining moment where the world was united with us to stamp out this monstrosity called terrorism and they chose to throw it away.

And they have the unmitigated gall to call anyone who disagrees with their little misadventures appeasers?

I have been disgusted many times over the past four years but right now I just threw up a bit in my mouth.


Will said...

I believe that Condi was talking about the difference between pre-9/11 appeasement and post-9/11 engagement.

Appeasement, though highly touted as a moral position, fails in the face of a adversary who will accept no quarter but dominance.

griftdrift said...

I have to disagree windhamite. It become the hammering talking point during the lead up to Iraq that anyone who disagreed with the policy were appeasers. There has been a coordinated effort to paint anyone who disagrees as someone who does not believe in security and safety. That is compete and utter hogwash and I am personally sick of it. Bad enough this trash spews forth from talk radio but to have an administration official continue this meme? Too much.