Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Morning After

Today will be a light blog day. (Of course, I think the last time I said that Israel started bombing Lebanon).

My main priorities are updating my blogroll, laundry and Pirates of the Caribbean.

But first some final thoughts on last night.

decaturguy at Atlanta Public Affairs has a good round up of "winners" and "losers".

I want to make a few comments on the Democrat Secretary of State race but first a bit of unfinished business.

Remember back in May when I passed through Jesup, Ga? At the time, I noticed a profound number of yard signs for a candidate named Mark Williams, a Republican candidate for Georgia House 178. According to regular reader Richard Campbell, Godwin has a history as "Christian Coalition Volunteer of the Year".

Well, last night Williams won. Another defeat for the Christian Coalition? This time in deep South Georgia? The times they are a changin or just a momentary blip in routine politics?

Now back to the Secretary of State race.

As I stated before, I believe the lion's share of talent this year was in the Democrat SOS race. When I stated this I may have fallen victim to blogger hubris. The shockingly low performances of Shyam Reddy and Scott Holcombe have left many people scratching their heads this morning.

Despite solid financing and some heavy weight endorsemetns, Reddy and Holcombe finished behind Gail Buckner, Darryl Hicks and Angela Moore.

Buckner and Hicks are not so surprising. Buckner is a seasoned local politician and Hicks showed evidence in the debates of a well-focused campaign. Moore, however, is a real puzzler. If you read my live blog report of the SOS debate, the word that comes to mind in relation to Moore is strange.

So how did Moore and to a lesser extent Hicks and Buckner upset the net-picked darlings?

I'm not sure. I am going to speculate that the top three had better get out the vote strategies. It's an area of a campaign that can be difficult, demanding and decisive in a tight race.

Whatever the reason, my hope is that Reddy and Holcombe are not too discourged. They both showed promise and could represent the future of the Democrat Party in Georgia. I predict that we will see both in the future, more seasoned and truly girded for battle.

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