Friday, September 22, 2006

Democrats Conceding Florida?

There is mucho fretting in Georgia Democrat circles about nominee Mark Taylor's apparent dearth of money. It looks like Florida nominee Jim Davis may have similar problems. And the Florida Republicans are chortling with glee.

What's interesting is that while in Georgia Mark Taylor is desperately trying to out-conservative Sonny Perdue, in Florida Charlile Crist has outflanked Jim Davis on practically every flank. Davis has just about nowhere to go except hard left and anyone who knows Florida knows that's a loser.

Looks like both Georgia and Florida governor's mansions will stay comfortably red. I will say that I have more sympathy for Davis. Both he and Taylor are getting out politicked but at least Davis isn't looking panicked. Yet.


Blackjackk said...

In the commercial for Mark Taylor playing with all the little kids, promoting the health care coverage, doesn't he look like a giant stuffed animal you win at the carnival?

Anonymous said...

Thats pretty funny. He does look like one....This may be one of the most boring and predictable races I have ever seen.