Saturday, September 23, 2006

Football Update

After a miserable 0-2-1 start the Rovers have now won two in a row to move to the middle of the table!

Oh. Y'all were expecting something else?

Okay. The Pack is 3-0 and starting region play next week. The Falcons are 2-0 and looking at a 3-0 division start. And FSU.....I still can't talk about FSU. Maybe next week.



Anonymous said...

The Rovers are currently listed as the 92nd ranked UEFA club team.

The Spurs, meanwhile, are 98th. Depsite the fact that they ahve been shut out in 5 of their 6 matches so far. Not to mention they're also only 1 point outside of relegation territory. Ouch.

griftdrift said...

Well, UEFA still has Arsenal at #4 so I take it with a grain of salt. At least it looks like the Rovers got their act together to get out of the relegation zone!

Could be worse. I've got a friend who's a Leeds supporter.