Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bill Richardson Interests Me

When I saw Bill Richardson's appearance on ABC's This Week, I giggled a little. I mean, come on! Other than poltical junkies and New Mexicans does anyone even know who he is?

Then today I start reading about the respect he receives from many disparate sides.

From the left:

I dig his resume. Rather than talk about Darfur, he got his ass over there and brokered a cease fire, and that's on top of high-profile diplomatic missions all over the world, including places like North Korea. His resume is the strongest of any of the candidates.

From the right:

He has extensive foreign-affairs experience; he has plenty of contacts in Congress and a long history of working between the legislative and executive branches; and most of all, he has solid executive experience that all of the other main candidates for the nomination lack. In fact, compared to Richardson, the rest of the pack look like amateurs playing at national politics.

And of course the center:

In another year with less well-connected and well-financed (Clinton) candidates, or with less charisma-fortified (Obama) newcomers, Richardson might be one of the people to truly watch as a key figure.

At this point, it seems his only negative is some alledged "Clintonian" type behavior. Which given the current state of the world I believe the public would respond to such a smear campaign with a collective scream of "GROW UP!"

I still doubt Richardson's ability to garner even the slightest electoral support, but I won't be giggling anymore.


Sara said...

2 negatives:

1. Boring as hell. He was my law school graduation speaker and I remember not a word of what he said, but oh how I remember counting the seconds until it was over.

2. There was that whole Wen Ho Lee/nuclear espionage by China fiasco while he was running D of E. He did NOT look good by the end of that and if it turns out that he was the leaker of Lee's name to the press that information alone could be the dirty laundry that tanks his campaign.

But I do think he is easily the most qualified of the current candidates.

Sid Cottingham said...

The guy brings a lot to the table. Don't underestimate him.

Anonymous said...

I was always disappointed he wasn't picked for VP consideration by Kerry.

Yes, Bill Richardson is someone to watch and while Obama and Hill wear themselves out, Gov. Richardson can deftly manage his state, take lots of important trips and go to toastmasters for the next 8 months.

He's going to look like a breath of fresh southwest air by the time the beltway brawl is over. Plus I think he wins Nev. and his low key style is ok in Iowa too..

I bet he's in top 4 at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

He's quite qualified and interests me, too. I think as a western gov he has some cred, and there is the D of E thing, but it might be the kind of thing he can shake. Thomas and I just got his book -- when we've finished with it we'd be happy to lend it to you. I love Obama as a candidate, but I'm not writing this guy off, either.

Anonymous said...

Boring speakers can change for the better (see: Bill Clinton).

I just did a bit of research on Richardson for something at work and was fascinated to learn about his early background as well as his adult experience -- his mom is Mexican; his dad was half-Spanish. He was born in this country but spent the first 13 years of his life in Mexico City.

To read more, check http://www.abqjournal.com/richardson/531611nm01-21-07.htm


Anonymous said...

not to metion a chick that works in his offce who will remain nameless if hot as all hell...! she wait i mean he has my vote