Monday, January 22, 2007

Georgia Blog Navel Gazing

I'm still fairly new to all this.

My more experienced friends would tell me to avoid "meta" and all that jazz. The uglier side of blogging is the seductive urge to become introspective. To share why you blog as if you have discovered some new innovation. A quick glance at Technorati should disabuse anyone of this notion.

Well, today something happened in my little corner of the blogosphere that causes me to dive briefly into the clarification zone on how this blog is run.

There is only one editor at this shop. Only one person who decides what is published and what is dumped in the bit bucket. When I began, one promise I made myself was that every effort would be made to not simply throw every piece of poo on the internet against the virtual wall to see what runs.

When I run with something, it is not because I am promoting one side. If I don't run something, it is not because I support the other side. I run things that I find interesting. If you are a regular reader, you know I almost always find a good fight interesting.

Well, a fight broke out today and although I have commented here and there, I have not addressed it directly. Primarily because I have absolutely no dog in this fight. Some would say since I covered the DPG forum, I should give equal time to those who disagree. Maybe.

Which leads me to the real problem with meta posts. A lot of dancing around the subject without really talking about anything. So let's get on with the deal.

A new blog figuratively erupted today.

Peach Pundit chose to link to it and say very little. My suspicion is Erick gleefully followed the time honored tactic of never interfering while your enemy is slitting his own throat.

Jon Flack chose to meet the controversy a bit more head on.

And me? I'm not saying anything. You could argue I should link since it might provide an alternate view to my coverage of the DPG forum and linking to the Blog For Democracy videos. However the deliberative side of me causes pause. In general I do not link to new blogs until I've read them for a few days. Mostly I want to make sure they are not utter crap and have a few standards. I also want to make sure that I am not inadvertently being "used" to garner a little publicity for a screw job.

Right now the jury's still out on this new thing. Until that time? No linky. In a few days? We'll see. My hope is it moves beyond a single issue focus and becomes a new voice in the ever burgeoning Georgia blog whirlwind.

End Meta.


Pokerista said...

That was ugly.

I think you should refrain from linking mainly because the new blog appears to be run by twelve year olds.

Jen said...

"Mostly I want to make sure they are not utter crap and have a few standards."

w00t! Our blogs are not utter crap.

Fearless Leader said...

"Here at ________, anything goes."

Huh. Kind of like the airport.

Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

Huh??? Boy did I miss something while I was out joining the Libertarian Party. Where is this new blog/source of such great controversy?

Anonymous said...

It's even uglier this am.

I think these kids are getting too much artificial food coloring in their diets, clearly it's making them nuts.

griftdrift said...

This is what I get for being a night owl. I miss all the morning shenanigans before people take their daily meds.

Anonymous said...

I think they were right to take down the post this a.m., but it kind of undercuts that whole "anything goes" mission statement, no?