Friday, January 26, 2007

Wing Nut Conspiracy Land

Oh and you thought I was pissed yesterday.

There's yet another story floating around the sphere purporting more evidence of President Carter's anti-semitism.

Former Holocaust Museum Council member Monroe Freedman alledges thirty years ago President Carter complained there were "too many Jews" on the council. He also claims Carter rejected a potential board member because his name sounds too "jewish".

Oh, how the smell of blood seems to refresh memories.

I don't know if the allegations are true or not, but I would ask when someone relays them to you that you consider the source. Freedman's statements came in an "exclusive" interview with World Net Daily.

Not familiar with World Net Daily? Well, for those of you who do not take a dip in that fetid pool on a regular basis, let me present you with a few examples of their fine journalism.

Last week, WND "reported" an exclusive interview with an Air Force officer who reported seeing UFOs in Arkansas. It took only a few days for the Air Force to explain to the soft headed children the "lights" were caused by fairly standard parachute flares being used in a training exercise. For good measure, the original article was accompanied by an advertisement for a book that discusses the possibility of UFOs being demons sent by Satan.

Other "news" World Net Daily has covered in the past?

  • Despite reports from the FAA and the Department of Defense, WND continues to put forth "evidence" TWA 800 was shot down by a terrorist missle. Once again followed by an ad for some whack-job conspiracy theorist.

  • An alledged "super highway" from Mexico to the U.S. created under the auspices of NAFTA. Followed by an ad for their own newsletter containing articles on a conspiracy in the highest levels of government to create a North American Union with Canada and Mexico

  • Multiple attacks on Evolution usually single sourced to a creationist minister such as Ken Ham, usually followed by an ad for a book on James Ussher, the 17th century Bishop who claimed to have sussed out the exact time the world was created.

But let's talk a little more about this Jerusalem Bureau, the one who uncovered Carter's alledged comments. In one week, its star "reporter" Aaron Klein had the Israeli government secretly handing over the West Bank first to Mahmoud Abbas and then to a European task force.

World Net Daily's motto should be "All News Fit To Make Our Subscribers Froth At The Mouth".

The internet is a wonderful thing. But sometimes, it's still just the internet.


possum said...

Your bitch is back:

griftdrift said...

I saw my Katy was in the news. Thank the lord Jesus! She needs to come home to Florida where the sun brightens here face in such a lovely way.

Anonymous said...

Its good to know the truth squad is at it.