Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Morning Wooten

From this morning's Thinking Right:

The war in Iraq is nearing abortion as a topic of conversation that generates heat, but changes no minds.

An interesting analogy Jim as over 60% of Americans support some form of choice and well over that amount now believe Iraq is an utter failure. Yet, somehow right wing pundits like yourself continue to see the world through some weird prism that lets you believe you represent "mainstream" thought.

I was going to "fisk" the rest of Jim's entry but I vomited in my cereal bowl.


Anonymous said...

Another ridiculous comment from Wooten. When the war began, the majority of Americans supported it. Now the majority want our soldiers home. I don't have polling data handy, but I'd guess that at least a third of the country has changed their view on the war in the past couple of years. Obviously, that is because (a) we have found that the justification for going to war was wrong; (b) the war is costing us much more, in loves and money, then we were told; and most importantly (c) the war is not accomplishing any of its objectives and in fact is making things worse.
For Jim (meaning Wooten, not Griftdrift) to say that opinions aren't changing is ludicrous. It's only him and his camp who have maintained the same position despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Anonymous said...

That should be "lives and money," though I guess loves works just as well. Sorry.

griftdrift said...

Almost makes you miss copy editors, eh?

Anonymous said...

There was that one cute one, too.