Thursday, January 18, 2007

Maverick McCain In McTrouble

Let's run the roll.

First there was sniffing Falwell's butt.

Then there was the approval of torture.

Then the weird waffleness on the gays.

And don't forget to take a swipe at the bloggers!

Where does all this lead? To possibly the biggest pooch screw in American political history. Polls coming out of New Hampshire show McCain's lead either evaporating or dangerously stagnant. The Granite State is known for its indepedent snarkiness. A seemingly perfect witches brew for the darling of the independent crowd. However, New Hampsherites are not easily fooled and it appears they smell a rat. Perhaps as Joe Gandleman writes they have doped out "The Straight Talk Express has been replaced by Finger In The Wind Airlines".


Anonymous said...

Someone should get McCain in touch with Jim Wooten. I am sure it is sheer coincidence that McCain becoming Bush's little Bitch on Surging has nothing to do with his plummet in the NH primary polls.

possum said...

Sayonara, asshole! The American people don't like Bush's war. Duh!

Anonymous said...

I think McCain blew his poltical coin some time ago (certainly as a centrist candidate Reagan Democrats could go for) so in terms of pooch screwingness, I don't think this rates up there, with - say, being the sitting two-term Vice President throughout some of the most prosperous years in the country's history, and yet still losing your home state, the chad recount, the Supreme Court challenge, and your run for POTUS to an ex-alcoholic, drug using, draft dodging, English-abusing pseudo-Texan.

Yeah, I think it's going to take some real, intense, all night kind of pooch screwing to make me forget that one.