Saturday, January 20, 2007

DPG Candidate Forum

It started with a spilled box of legos. The audience tittered; some probably thinking they had seen an unfortunate omen, some a symbol of the last year, some both. However, the little boy responsible for the clatter gleefully began pushing them around, innocent of his inadvertent tumble into the adult world of "readin' the bones". At least until his mother took him away. And that's when the real clatter began.

Blog For Democracy will soon have video of the forum online so I will not trouble you with a full recap here. Instead in an effort to whet your appetite for the forthcoming show, I'll give you some choice nuggets to savor.

James Quarterman, candidate for Constituency Vice Chair, on the need for boots on the ground: "Payless Shoes has got a special!"

Rep. Winfred Dukes, candidate for Candidate Recruitment Vice Chair, responding to opponent Danita Knowles stating her husband had been Dukes principal: "He paddled me!"

Labor Commission Michael Thurmond, Candidate for First Vice Chair: "Not all Democrats lost on November 7th".

Mike Berlon, Candidate for Chair, on running against John Linder: "He is the Prince of Darkness".

Carol Jackson, Candidate for Chair: "When we rebuild a motor, we don't throw away the motor." [Note: People in the country always say motor, they never say engine, city folk should always remember that.]

Mike Berlon, Candidate for Chair: "We're three minute people in a 30 second world."

Rev. Jim Nelson, Candidate for Chair, on divisive issues: "If we didn't have divisive issues, we'd be Republicans."

And the quote of the day,

Blog for Democracy's Bernita Smith on the length of term for the chair: "It's a four year position. I'm just saying."

Check back for the full video when it becomes available.


Anonymous said...

Saw you in the back and didn't have a chance to say hello... Wasn't real sure it was you (sans shades).

I would just add to what you have up that as someone who attended the forum in Gainesville, it's clear that all the candidates have gotten much better.

That was particularly the case with Rev. Jim and Carol Jackson who delivered well beyond what they had just a few weeks ago.

possum said...

Those were Legos, not Tinker Toys. And that was Rep. Stephanie Stuckey Benfield's kid.

Anonymous said...

Thats why they always say...never work with animals and little kids... always upstaging the adults

Anonymous said...

Carol Jackson was a pretty good candidate up here for state senate (if she is the same Carol Jackson). She was running against a real live evangelical crazy in Nancy Shaffer, and Carol damn near won.

Anonymous said...

It's the same Carol Jackson.


griftdrift said...

Okay, I corrected to legos. I guess I'm showing my age by thinking it was Tinker Toys. It was interesting Jon. You mean Reverend Jim wasn't always so ummmmm hyper?

Possum said...

Where's the video at Blog for Democracy?

griftdrift said...

I imagine they are still editing. As soon as its up, I'll link to it.

Possum said...

Where'd my cute picture go?

griftdrift said...

I think it's because you went straight from my new "Recent Comments" section. I'm working on some stuff so things may get weird.

possum said...

Bullshit, man. You're a possum bigot. I've seen your hateful posts about possums.