Monday, January 08, 2007

Watching The Georgia Inauguration

Good lord is that a tricky word to spell!

Look here first for any gaffes!

UPDATE I: Zell got a huge ovation. The only other person to come close on the applause level? State School Superintendent. Kathy Cox. Interesting. (Except for Cagle and Perdue of course)

UPDATE II: Political Insider has the advance of Sonny's speech. Darn those big media perks!

UPDATE III: When asked by the justice if he is ready to take the oath, he not only makes a point of showing he is swearing on a bible, but an open bible and then quotes the verse. Ahhhhh the Keith Ellison effect.

UPDATE IV: The Great Seal of the State Of Georgia has been passed on from the Secretary of State. I only note this because it's a good time to bring up the "Three Governor Episode" in which the seal played a critical role.

UPDATE V: Cagle's speech on now. There's only been 10 Lieutenant Governor's? I need to research that. Ahhh! Speaking of the three governors affair, apparently the Lite Guv office was created just in time for that fiasco!

UPDATE VI: Cagle brings up education but emphasizes "local control" and the "tools to help them". I smell vouchers!

UPDATE VII: Cagle was raised by a single mom. Wonder what Jim Wooten thinks of that?

UPDATE: VIII: Wow. Cagle got a little verklempt talking about his wife and kids. This is a pretty good speech. I think we just heard the first shot fired in the 2010 Governor's race.

UPDATE IX: And now the seal goes back to current SOS Karen Handel. It's one of those weird rituals that I admit gets me a little hot and bothered.

UPDATE X: Someone please confirm. Thurbert Baker wears a "rug" right?

UPDATE XI: Once again Kathy Cox gets big whoops and hollers. Either she has a lot supporters there or her family in attendence shares a striking vocal resemblence to my own family at a wedding.

UPDATE XII: Thurmond has some whooping supporters too. And an amen from Governor Perdue! Someone please tell me how the hell a guy with this much charisma has not been run for a higher office?

UPDATE XIII: Perdue is talking about turtles on fence posts. Once again I am reminded of a friends comment, "I could never vote for Sonny but I can't not like him cause he reminds me of my granddaddy".

UPDATE XIV: As Tom and Jim already pointed out, the speech is pretty basic stuff. No dramatic promises. No hot specifics. A lot of pride in the state and its people. Oh god, he punned the year 2020 by saying he has a 2020 vision.

UPDATE XV: Perdue, "My mandate is simple, to be a good steward and a good servant to the people of Georgia."

UPDATE XVI: It's over! Yeehaw! Let's go shoot the cannons again!

UPDATE THE LAST: Wait a second! There's a freakin benediction?! I would pay every damn dime I own right now if they would hold an altar call with Brother Perdue calling all Democrats forward to confess their sins. Lines and lines of democrats, tears streaming down their faces, pledging to follow the straight and narrow.

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Anonymous said...

UPDATE X: Someone please confirm. Thurbert Baker wears a "rug" right?

If it's not a rug, it's some kind of an alien species...