Monday, January 08, 2007

Hide The Kids, Mabel!

The legislature is back in town! For the next 40 or so days, the guys and gals of the gummint will be up on the hill passing, porking and oinking.

For all your coverage, the Georgia media, both old and new, will be rooting around.

The Scorecards

The Progrecrats

The Republicaterians

Old Media Hipsters

Mostly Non-Partisan Snark Masters

If I left you out and you want a link, email me or drop a comment.


Amber Rhea said...

I think it's funny that Georgia Legislative Watch linked to "Excise of Vital Powers." Freudian slip?

They may have fixed it by now. But that's what it said a few days ago when I looked.

Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

I'm flattered to be included in such company. Next round's on me.