Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Inside Bobby Franklin's Head

Can I get an e-ticket for a ride through the cranial convultions of Rep. Bobby Franklin brain? Earlier this month, he held a good ol' fashioned tent revival in the guise of a public hearing for his heinous House Bill 1. Now, with House Bill 6, he wants to insure the gummint can't take away our guns during a declared emergency.

...the bill which is aimed at preventing law enforcement from seizing your firearm during a declared state emergency. It would also prevent the state from imposing new regulations regarding the ownership or sale of firearms just because of a declared emergency. Basically, whatever rights you have when an emergency doesn't exist, can't be taken away just because there is an emergency.
I imagine somewhere in the dark recesses of Rep. Franklin's brain, in between synapse flashes of images of dead babies, resides a thought that some time in the near future during an apocolypse, we will be forced to raise arms against some totalitarian government.

I guess it's not really such a bad bill. No one wants some insane, out of control government suddenly declaring an emergency and scooping up all the guns. But logic necessitates my pointing out to Rep. Franklin that in such a situation with such a government, I doubt they will care very much about the niceties of law.


possum said...

If we ever get such a totalitarian government, it will probably be headed by the Bobby Franklins of this world.

Also, "e-ticket" is a very archaic term, dating back to the 1970s when Disney sold different classes of tickets for different rides. Very outdated term. Sort of like "soda fountain."

griftdrift said...

e-ticket this!

Pokerista said...

Well considering that is a picture of Space Mountain (I think) e-ticket would be quite appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Of course this is NRA legislation born out of the mess of Katrina. As a gun owning liberal, it hurts to support this bill, but I do.

I'm getting a little tired of the NRA tactics. We get it...ok? Just give some money to Franklin and shut his a$$ up.


Anonymous said...

Of course, you could say the same thing about any law establishing limits on governmental action. The 4th Amendment "search and seizure" clause is a good example. The "crisis" of drug wars and 9-11 have resulted in governmental assaults on the warrant requirement. They have been largely successful.

Still, though, having the restraint does slow them down somewhat and temper the effects. You don't propose to abandon all attempts to limit governmental action just because a corrupt government might ignore such limits, do you?

I'm not sure why you don't think we live in a totalitarian state already. It's just a matter of degree, and our's is smart enough to know that as long as we have beer, cable and a couple of Hondas, we'll do whatever it wants.

Give it a try--try to live free from governmental control and see how "free" you are.

Bobby's bill is a good one. You don't pass laws based on whether you think it will be easy to enforce. You pass them based on whether they are right and just.

Anonymous said...

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