Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Poker Trip: They Call Me Short Stack

Event 2:

Buy-In - $500
Starting Chips - 2500
Field - 25
Payout - 2 main event seats; 3rd = $1600
Finish - 4

Everybody was surprised by the small turnout. I heard Monday's event at this level was in the hundreds. Speculation was that the World Poker Tour at the Goldstrike pulled away most of the players.

So I finished 4th. One out of the money. To be honest, after playing nearly five hours it's all a blur. I've played in longer tournaments but never at this skill level. So no hand summaries. Suffice it to say it was a typical tournament. I got lucky, I got unlucky, I played with skill and I played boneheaded. You play long enough and you get a little of everything.

In one of the games back home my nickname is "short stack". I proved it at the end. When we got down to 8 players, I was down to about 7000. The blinds were 200 / 400 plus a 50 ante. They would shortly go to 300 / 600 with a 75 ante. They started chewing my butt up. I nursed and coddled my short stack all the way to four left. I worked my way back up to about 9,000 but with over 60,000 chips in play, I had to play desperate poker.

The final hand was me pushing with K-8 off suit and getting called by a pair of 10s. He hit the third 10 on the flop, I did not hit the running kings and it was all over.

So what now?

I may play some single table events in the morning, but I doubt it. I'm pretty pokered out. The one thing I thought I was prepared for but was not is the stamina requirement. These were small tournaments and I am wore out. To focus intently for 4+ hours is incredibly difficult. I felt my mind wandering and a few times had to be reminded by the dealer to put in my ante. The big tournaments run for 10+ hours a day for several days. My hat is off to the pros. I don't think you really understand the mental discipline until you try it.

This does not mean I won't try again. The circuit hits Atlantic City in March and I haven't seen a good friend in D.C. in nearly a year.

For now, I feel the need something a little less taxing.

Like Georgia politics.


Sara said...

We at the measly weekly poker game were all totally rooting for you. Every time my phone buzzed everyone went nuts! We are thoroughly impressed.

Even though I understand the fatigue element and the desire to come home, I think you proved you can hang at these sorts of events when you play them in the future. Great job.

possum said...


dfscott said...

Holy crap, man -- making it to the bubble is pretty damn awesome. I'm impressed!

nodnyl said...

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Sara said...

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