Sunday, January 28, 2007

Is It All Just An Act?

It's all just an act. This defense is the usual suspect when a talk radio host goes down some dark path and utters something completely bat sh*t crazy. For some I am sure it is true but for others my feeling is not likely, bubba. On ABC News This Week, Torrie Clark confirms my suspicions:
In the fall of 2004, I had not one, not two, several conservative radio talk show hosts off the air say to me, you know we're going to be okay with McCain this fall because he's being good to the President and on Iraq, but don't let him think we've forgotten and he's not one of us.

So John? How's all that right-wing mollycoddling going?


Anonymous said...

Stop watching TV at my house!

Seriously, we were all but throwing rotten tomatoes at George Will and what seems like his decomposing toupee. Where was Sam Donadlson? I love it when he gives George the smackdown.

griftdrift said...

Uh-oh. I may be in trouble here. I actually like George Will.

Fearless Leader said...

George Will used to be a rather shrewd standard-bearer for old school conservatism. Even when I disagreed with him, he made points in such a way that gave them validity. (He was also a hell of a good baseball writer, for some odd reason.)

But these days, his weekly appearances on This Week and his columns (reposted to usually) fail to even begin to criticize the administration for points that he used to hold dear. He's turned from a kind of Reagan Era "grab your bootstraps and pull" mentality to a very short-sighted and selfish dismissal of middle and lower class America.

The President's health care plan is a farce, one that will hurt more people than it helps. Sure, your bennies will be tax deductible up to $15,000 per family, but how can anyone expect to have that wonderful bit of unearned credit when corporations are in turn taxed for offering benefits of an equivalent worth. Quite literally, this is robbing Peter and paying Paul, the kind of thing that Will used to scorch the Executive Branch (no matter the party) for doing.

About McCain ... he doesn't stand a snowball's chance. One of these days, he's going to remember 2000. He'll remember just how effective the GOP smear campaign was in South Carolina. And on that day, McCain just might snap.

Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

Even when Will's quoting Brian Williams? Oh hurl. I thought the mangy toup was flying his way-clueless flag on this one. Clearly not at his sensible best here. Then again, these MSM opinionistas have the most to lose on their really short wagon ride to the new media block. They're the ONLY ones with the $$$ MSM contracts any blogger would slit any MSM personality or blogger's throat for:

griftdrift said...

I knew this was gonna cause some heart ache. Y'all quit pickin on the old curmudgeon! Just because he doesn't do the google!

Anonymous said...

I wonder when McCain will realize that there isn't enough Listerine in the world to wash the taste of Reverend Falwell out of his mouth.