Tuesday, July 17, 2007

10th District Election Today

Two old guys trying to out-right, out-Christian and out-crazy each other. Yawn. Sorry, but this one no longer excites me. Whitehead wins by at least 20.

If you are interested Blake's got it covered.

Oh yeah. And Erick Erickson officially becomes a Macon City Council elect. Seems the smell of victory has him feeling Robert Duvallish.

UPDATE (1:20am): I will take my serving of crow now. Broun is the apparent winner (although Whitehead may ask for a recount). I'm not sure anyone can explain this one. If the coalition Broun claims actually delivered (conservative Christians, African-Americans, Democrats), poly sci students will be studying this race for decades.

I'm going back to watching the World Series of Poker final table. It's even money right now whether it or the race that just won't die, i.e the 10th, will end first.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your prediction. I wouldnt vote for either one of them under any circumstances.

Anonymous said...

You better eat your crow pretty fast, it wont last long around Georgia today. I had mine this morning.