Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tom Morgan Predicts Wilson Release

From Fresh Loaf, former District Attorney Tom Morgan, a man I truly respect, predicts tomorrow the Georgia Supreme Court will find a way out.
My guess is, the justices would not have granted the expedited appeal unless they were interested in finding the legal means to correct an injustice.

He also questions the release of the video tape by Douglas D.A. David McDade.
The law makes clear the exemptions (to kiddie-porn statutes), and giving tapes to legislators so they won’t change a law isn’t one of them.

Amen, brother.


Sid Cottingham said...

Don't bet the farm (or the Colquitt County homeplace) on Tom Morgan's prediction. If I had to bet, I would place a wager against the prediction of Mr. Morgan. And from the Supreme Court's perspective, it will view Douglas District Attorney David McDade's handing out of videotapes as a completely separate issue, not affecting the appeal the Supreme Court it is considering in the a.m.

Anonymous said...


I am posting this on a few blogs. If you have an interest, come to Hipster and let me know.

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