Thursday, July 05, 2007

Glenn Vs Teh Blogs

Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson in Insider Advantage via Cracker Squire:
"Those dadgum blog sites. You know what I predict is going to happen? I predict somebody’s going to sue one of those site domains for slander, and somebody’s going to get hit with a big suit because there’s no accountability, and they say and do things about people that are blatantly false."

We've got a saying where I'm from Mr. Speaker. Don't sing it, bring it.

But before you consider that perilous course of action let me bring forward a few more of your own words.
"truth is a defense"

Usually a good one too.


Amber Rhea said...

OMG. Did he really say dadgum? Now that is funny.

Open+Transparent said...

Elected officials want voters to have short-term memory, not long-term memory. Bloggers remind the public about things like the Speaker of the House boozing with lobbyists minutes after the legislative session ends. Or in Ben Harbon's case, who he may be with when he gets a DUI at 1 am two hours from his wife and kids.

Here's another reason why elected officials, Repub and Dem, aren't fans of bloggers:

HT: Tondee's Tavern,9171,984753,00.html?promoid=googlep

How low can they go? Very low in the Senate race in Georgia, where a Republican candidate, Paul Broun, said of his opponent, former Army Captain Max Cleland: "[He] plays that wheelchair up to the nth degree. He just shows people that wheelchair going and coming...It's certainly worth a lot of points." Yes, points for Cleland and minus points for Broun. Cleland is a triple amputee, wounded in Vietnam, who cannot stand or walk.