Sunday, July 15, 2007

Georgia Gang Watch For Yourself

Watch Phil Kent's absurd claims for yourself.

h/t: Flack


Unknown said...

hellooooooo CYA mode. It'll be fun (ok, a silver lining) to pick out the shills if/as this story grows on the national radar. It's also sad to see the ends to which these people will go, just to support a target mental image and worldview.

Thanks for staying on this story, BTW. This is getting deeper by the day (and now it seems McDade is having his digging done for him).

Anonymous said...

Which college can you go to and take classes in "Sexual Deviancy" where they show you shocking porn tapes? Man, I missed out. To think I wasted all my time in those stupid Western Civ classes.

As an aside, though - one thing that I haven't seen covered and have wondered about all along is if Wilson was himself a minor at the time this all took place, why was he tried as an adult?

Unknown said...

Not only is Kent a tiresome Republican hack, he's a hack with no integrity.

I had an e-conversation with him a few years back.

Sara said...

Oh my God they are all morons!

I couldn't even make it all the way through. I have a hard time deciding if Kent or Ramage is worse. You can see worse tapes in college? Not involving teenagers you can't!

Jmac said...

You know, I was actually really good friends with Kent's son growing up. He's good people. Terribly Republican, like his father, but good people.

And I bartended at a party for his dad one time.

This has nothing to do with anything, but still.

Open+Transparent said...

One day, Georgia Gang will have someone under 50 yrs old on it.
Maybe one day they'll have a grift, a RGM, a flack, etc.
Maybe one day it'll be pertinent again.

Polusplanchnos said...

Johnathan, how old were you when you bartended?

nast, so far as I understand things in the GA Code, Wilson, being 17, was not considered a juvenile for the purposes of committing crimes, which is legally defined as "under 17." (Unless he's a "deprived child"...) However, for the purposes of appearing in pornography, he is considered a child since he is "under 18."

Jmac said...

It was after graduation from high school, so 18 I imagine? At a private party. For brunch. And it involved me making a bunch of Bloody Marys and Mimosas.

So 'bartend' is a fluid term, then. Particularly seeing how I really can only make two drinks, and one of them involves popping the top of a can of Budweiser.

Open+Transparent said...

Thurbert Baker our Attorney General wants to uphold the law in the case of Genarlow Wilson by keeping him in jail, but can not be reached when laws are being broken at a $700+ million dollar a year public facility.

Anonymous said...

I could go for some ramage. But not on tape. What am I, stupid?

possum said...

Dick Williams is a coward who surrounds himself with conservatives and nitwits like Phil Kent. The only person on this show who possibly could be considered even a closet Democrat is Alexis, who was a top Cox executive before taking over the family business.That blonde woman is a pro-Iraq War cretin. What a crew. Williams can't handle a liberal. He's chicken shit.

Open+Transparent said...

possum, say what you will about Dick Williams, but he's as entertaining s it gets to hang out at a party with or sit down at the bar over a cocktail. The guy's smart and sharp, and has charisma. Actually reminds me a lot of Doug Monroe.

I'm not liking what the Georgia Gang has become, but Dick offscreen is a cool cat for an old semi-conservative. Maybe I'll see if he can do a sit down over PBR with grift, RGM, etc.