Thursday, July 05, 2007

Matt Towery On Randy And Spiff

Matt Towery was on WGST's Randy and Spiff show this morning discussing the Genarlow Wilson case and the law he authored.
He (Douglas D.A. McDade) also took the role on as lobbyist and went down to the legislature and did in fact show this video. And it has really poisoned, I can just tell you. A lot of my colleagues who are usually very reasonable guys who I've known for a long, long time have seen this video and they say "oh Matt the guy is guilty". I say "guilty of what"? They say "rape". Well, he was found innocent of rape.
You can listen here.

h/t: Rogue at Peach Pundit

UPDATE: Tonight Channel 46 will air a Wilson piece. Only this time instead of just rehashing all the sordid details, it appears the focus will be on the question of why the tape is being distributed to legislators. Sometimes small ripples can build into big waves.

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