Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Ripples. More Waves

Jason's got some more good questions regarding the distribution of the Genarlow Wilson tape.

Can you hear the waves crashing, D.A. McDade? Perhaps it's time for you to start 'splaning before they wash you away.


Pokerista said...

Ooh, I just had an idea. Neal Boortz admitted he got a copy of the tape, right?

He can't claim a scientific, medical or educational purpose for possessing it and he's not a part of the legal system so he can't claim that he possessed it in furtherance of investigation or prosecution of a crime.

Ergo, he has admitted on the air that he knowingly possesses material that qualifies as child pornography under Georgia statute. He could easily be prosecuted for possession of child pornography.

Not to mention whatever private citizens have requested a copy of the tape and have it sitting at home as we speak. No wonder DA McDade doesn't keep a list of who he gives it to.

griftdrift said...

I imagine he would claim the educational purpose. One of the ways a radio station like WSB gets around the FCC requirement (don't get me started) on broadcasting a certain amount of educational programming is to state that shows like Boortz are educational. Yeah, yeah, I know. Feel free to throw up now.

Pokerista said...

But viewing a videotape of an alleged sexual assault serves no valid educational purpose. I think as written in the statute the video has to be created for an educational purpose. Otherwise any old perv who has child porn could just say he was "researching for a book," like Pete Townshend did.

Amber Rhea said... to state that shows like Boortz are educational

If by "educational" you mean, "A few brain cells die every time I listen to this drivel."