Wednesday, July 11, 2007

When Counting Counts

Looking at my stat counter for the day I see that at almost 3:00am I've reached my normal daily total of unique visitors.


Because there are that many people out there searching for the keywords "Genarlow Wilson Sex Tape".

The genie was let loose from the bottle a long time past, so why wouldn't people seek it on the internet?

Does this make you proud Sen. Johnson?

UPDATE: Now I'm receiving email requests to post the video. As if I wasn't completely feeling vomitous before.


Sara said...

The question is when it will hit the internet, if it hasn't already. I have a sneaking suspicion it won't take long for some enterprising soul to request a copy, upload it to digital, and put it on some filesharing site. Again, if it hasn't happened already.

griftdrift said...

Based on the last twelve hours, I'm probably going to hit 10x my normal visitors. Normally, I would be giddy. Instead, I'm vomitous.

Pokerista said...

There are a lot of sick people out there who want to see some teenaged gangbang porn. Considering some of the disgusting searches that have led people to my blog ("12 year olds fucking" for example) I can't say I'm surprised. Mainly just disgusted.

Pokerista said...

I just looked at my sitemeter for the first time today and even I am getting hits from people trying to find the tape even though I have posted about it far less than you have. Also, a surprising number of them appear to be searching for the "General Wilson sex tape." Idiots.