Monday, July 16, 2007

Georgia Republicans: It's All Politics

In the latest Insider Advantage, the leaders of the Georgia Republican Party have weighed in to defend Douglas County District Attorney David McDade. Particularly interesting are the comments of Rep. David Ralston, chairman of the Judiciary Non-Civil Committee:
The citizens of Douglas County and Georgia as a whole are fortunate to have someone as smart, committed, and thorough as David looking out for them. Politicizing this situation and attacking him rather than discussing the merits of the case are shameful.

Politicizing? Not discussing the merits of the case? Please Rep Ralston, answer me this.

Was it the Democrats who rose in the Senate and lied about the "merits of the case"? Was it the Democrats who leaked a tape of teenagers having sex in an attempt to steer legislation? And how about the legal community. Surely, it must only be Democrats who are calling for prosecution or at a minimum sanction, right?

The gall.

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