Friday, July 13, 2007

My Morning Wooten

Been a while. Let's rock.
The problem with hate crime legislation is demonstrated by the unprovoked assault by 10 or more thugs on young Joshua Martin outside Six Flags Over Georgia. All are the same race, but suppose otherwise. So when is it a hate crime? By the way, wonder how many of the gang have fathers in the home?

Answer to question 1. When the evidence indicates the crime was racially motivated. Evidence. Still required by the American judicial system despite the efforts of some over the past five years.

Answer to question 2. Rememeber a time in this country when reporters actually supplied answers to questions instead of posing strawman questions to further a political agenda? So do I.
American politicians are able to play partisan political games with the war. Imagine them in the role of Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf, constantly the target of assassination attempts, and yet he has the courage to confront — and kill — hard-line pro-Taliban cleric Abdul Rashid Ghazi and dozens of his die-hard followers.

Except for the western mountain provinces of Pakistan where due to lack of action by the Pakistani government and sheltering by the warlords actually in charge of a quarter of the country, Al-Qaeda is currently regrouping. WHOOPS!
Between Mark Taylor and the trial lawyers the Democratic Party of Georgia remains afloat. Better sue a few more manufacturers, guys. This need could go on for awhile.

Ummmmmm. Exactly who is talking about Mark Taylor? Except for right wing floggers. Then again, the oldies are always the goodies, right Jim? See above regarding reporters and reality.
The plot for my latest novel, entitled “When Good People Do Stupid Things,” features a renegade board member from a major urban hospital who shows up at a neighboring county demanding $4 million, thereby sabotaging any charitable impulse that might have existed to help the neighbor solve his problem. In Chapter 2, he goes to three more neighbors demanding money — where he is arrested by the short sheriff in Slayton (this is fiction) for panhandling.

Shall we keep a tally of young'uns in Cobb, Clayton and Gwinnett who when they wrap their car around a tree are transported to Grady? Surely if we kept such a tally there would be no cost due outside the citizens of Dekalb and Fulton. Surely, only those that actually pay in taxes for Grady actually benefit. I thought conservatives are about accountability. Once upon a time facts actually mattered in reporting. Even in opinion.

Maybe I should have titled this one: reality check.

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More and more, Jim Wooten reminds me of The Onion's Jackie Harvey.