Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Georgia Thoughts On The YouTube Debate

A wrap up of local impressions on last night's YouTube Presidential debate.

Amani provides an insiders insight.

Shelbinator was on the ground and not only live blogged but also recorded video.

Grayson takes a turn on Shelby's efforts and is unable to resist taking a shot at all male Atlanta bloggerati as infantile, sexually repressed masses of goo.

Jason Pye also live blogged.

And Benson also live blogged.

Mike-el's wrap up.

If there are other's out there that I missed, drop a comment and I will update.


Sara said...

I couldn't watch the actual debate, but I watched Shelby's live streaming coverage and thought he did a great job. We could all poke a little fun in the moment at his on-the-fly learning (I was worried for a minute when he was in search of water that he might take the camera into the bathroom with him too), but in the end he did something really cool and did it with great enthusiasm and technological wizardry that really put us into the moment even with things like his interview with John King. He should be congratulated.

Anonymous said...

Sara, I really started to worry about that as I realized that my Ketel One Gatorade and extreme nervousness might lead to a serious livestream-peestream quandary. I don't know how I managed not to take a piss that whole night. Next time I go lifestreaming I will have to keep a piece of duct tape handy for the cam and mic, just in case.

And Grift, I gotta say, as a male blogger in Atlanta, I just love playing the reverse discrimination card, don't you? We're so misunderstood.

Amber Rhea said...

Cue tiny violin.

Aerodad said...

Cue sarcastometer.