Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Questions Being Asked

In his subscription only Insider Advantage newsletter, Matt Towery asks some of the same questions I've been asking about the Genarlow Wilson case and the distribution of the video tape evidence:
In 1988 when the infamous Rob Lowe sex tape with an underaged female surfaced in Atlanta, the Justice Department dispatched representatives to inform television news directors and producers that if they even viewed the tape, much less aired it, they would be guilty of serious crimes related to child pornography. Since we are so hell-bent to stick to the letter of the law in this state, even when a law such as mine had “Romeo and Juliet” language in the bill for consensual intercourse, then will someone tell me what the federal law is to possession, viewing and dissemination of a video showing underaged teens having sex and the viewing of that video by legislators? Perhaps there is an exception, but no one has shown it to me. And if there are exceptions, have they been properly utilized in the instance of every person who has been shown or has viewed this tape? Seems we are hard as hell on some folks, but the letter of the law is more forgiving for others.

Mr. Towery authored the law which snared Genarlow Wilson. He has stated on record it was never the intention for the law to be applied in cases such as Wilson's.

Unlike your humble blogger, Insider Advantage is read by the big boys and girls of state politics. If that is what it takes to turn the heat up on this issue, so be it.

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