Friday, August 03, 2007


With the tragedy in Minnesota, many thoughts today are on bridges.

I found the above graphic at Andrew Sullivan's place. It was done in 1994. The red spots are where bridges are over 32% deficient. The blue are where the bridges are over 19% deficient.

If you can tear you eyes away from the big red splotch that is the entire state of New York, you can see that Georgia is mostly in good shape. Interesting though that the most troublesome areas are a swath along the Florida line. Where exactly did all the road money south Georgia legislators siphoned away each year go?


Anonymous said...

Being from Mississippi, I see it is once again a "red state." Why does that not surprise me?

Cousin Pat said...

And you could just photoshop in a new red swath running from south of Lake Pontchartrain to Pensacola, courtesey of the many storms we have had since 1994 on the Gulf.

Though they are building completely new bridges over Escambia Bay and the I-10 twin spans between Slidell, LA and New Orleans. The new bridges are raised to about 30 feet above the water and are replacing bridges about 8 feet above the water. The Hwy 90 Bridge over Bay Saint Louis has been reopened, and might as well be a new bridge, and they are working on a huge project over on the Huey P. Long bridge in Jefferson Parish, LA, that could be considered a complete overhaul.

This is all good news, hoping we are building them up to snuff...

griftdrift said...

Hey Cousin Pat! It certainly would be interesting to see an updated graphic with the post-Katrina effect.