Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Stuff

I'm prepping for a trip and frankly there ain't a lot going on. So check out this bag of happiness. just got back from the National Association of Black Journalist conference and has a boatload of on the ground video reporting.

Is Johnny in or out? Jim Galloway and many others are wondering. Can't wait for 2010.


Can anyone supporting I-3 please stand up?

Ron Paul is a freak! No, Ron Paul is a good guy!

Oh and we might have our first serious hurricane threat of the year. Those who live in the danger zones are rightfully nervous.


Anonymous said...

A little irony here: Thanks for the traffic, Grift. Thats the good kind.

griftdrift said...

No problem Steve. And I haven't forgot your offer to meet for lunch. Just been busy lately.

Jen said...

Knoxville? They have cars there?

Anonymous said...

aye...they do, Jen, and they want to run them through these hills.

May have to get our shotguns out!


Look for a fantasy invitation. I know you just joined one, but this will be pretty low maintenance. Details to follow...

Cousin Pat said...

Thanks for the link.

You're right we're nervous. That loud sound you heard yesterday was the whole East and Gulf Coast of the United States collectively checking to make sure they had batteries in their radios and flashlights.

I grew up on St Simons Island, so I've been nervous about the tropical weather situation since I was in elementary school and the Atlantic was pushing water down 5th Street, across Ocean Boulevard and into the school yard.

Thanks for keeping up with the storms as well - the more people who are aware of what is on the way = lives saved. Nuff said.