Friday, August 17, 2007

Scenes From Gettysburg: Oak Ridge

View from Oak Ridge towards Barlow's Knob. The Federal right extended into the woods.

View of the Railroad Cut from Oak Ridge. The Confederate flank attack drove the Federal XXI corps across this open ground and through the streets in the town. In the distance can be the Seminary.

Lee's Headquarters for the remainder of the battle.

Oak Ridge lies just north of McPherson's Ridge and was occupied by elements of the Federal XXI Corps and Army of Northern Virginia 2nd Corps.

From this hill elements of the 2nd Corps Army of Northern Virginia assaulted elements of the Federal XIth Corps. Already under attack from a superior position the Federal corps was suddenly assaulted on its right flank at Barlow's Knob by the 3rd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. The line crumbled completely and the Federal forces were routed through the streets of Gettysburg. They were rallied Generals O.O Howard and Winfield Hancock on the crest of Cemetary. This ended the first day of the battle and General Lee, now convinced he could destroy the federal army on this ground, moved his headquarters to the edge of town next to the Seminary.

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