Wednesday, August 08, 2007

When Craziness Lives Just Up The Street

There is local and then there is hyperlocal. In my opinion the best hyperlocal coverage in Georgia is Dorablog. I've lived within two miles of Doraville for over four years and I honestly feel I knew nothing about the place until I found Joseph G and his contributor's place.

Yesterday, they broke a big story before any of the the major media outlets. Apparently, in the middle of the night, the Doraville city council lost their minds and fired the police chief in a manner that may have violated state open meeting laws.
Georgia Open Meetings Law require that any evidence or charges related to an employee’s dismissal be open to the public. Any discussion or deliberation thereafter may be held in an executive session. The city attorney advised the council as such. Mr. Hart and Mr. Spangler began presenting their “charges” in public, but the council later voted to close the meeting to the public, even though charges and evidence were still being introduced. This action violates Open Meetings Law and was in direct contradiction of the city attorney’s legal advice.

Read the full story here. Even if you don't live in Doraville, hubris of this kind can occur anywhere and should be noted.

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