Friday, August 24, 2007

Saxon To Announce

Just got a press release from the Bobby Saxon campaign. The worst kept secret (well, the most recent worst kept secret in Georgia politics) that Democrat Bobby Saxon is going to challenge newly elected Republican Paul Broun in the 10th District is about to become official. Saxon will announce his kickoff this Saturday at his home in Nicholson, Ga.

My first thought?

Where the hell is Nicholson, Ga?

I ain't the smartest guy but I usually feel I have a passing familiarity with my homestate. Then one day, I will be driving down the interstate with a visiting friend and see a license plate for an unfamiliar one of our 159 counties. The friend will usually ask, "Where's that?" And I will respond with my standard answer, "Hell, I don't know. Probably out I-20 somewhere."


Billy Merck said...

Nicholson is in Jackson County, about 20 minutes north of Athens.

griftdrift said...

Yeah yeah. But I bet you couldn't find Funston without a map!