Thursday, August 16, 2007

Welcome to Gettysburg, Pa!

Today's trip was much better. I've driven the Shenandoah Valley three times in the past year and I can't say enough about Virginia Highway-42.

It travels from the foothills in the southern valley through the broadest part of the main valley and back into the foothills at the northern valley. Along the way, you can almost imagine what Virginia must have been like 150 years ago. Houses, barns and churches appear frozen in time. Enormous hayfields and pastures filled with cows and horses. If you ever take a trip north and have some time to kill, I highly recommend taking this route between Clifton Forge and Columba Furnace.

So now Gettysburg. The bad news is the brew pub I thought I found last night is closed. The good news is there seems to be several other options in the area. I'm headed out to explore. Tomorrow will be a visit to the battlefield before the trip continues.


Anonymous said...

You literally drove by my house on your way to Franklin, NC

Anonymous said...

e-mail coming your way