Thursday, August 30, 2007

Senator Shafer Responds

Sen. Shafer responds to Cynthia Tucker's editorial on potential state control of Grady.
Tucker has no objection to the bill on its merits. She actually agrees with me that Grady should be run by a nonpolitical, nonprofit board. Her objection to my interest in Grady is the fact I am white, male, conservative and Republican.

Are we really going to continue to play out the same passion plays we've seen for the past couple of generations?


Amber Rhea said...

God! Once again... do these people have to be so freakin' predictable??

Yes, Senator Shafer, it's all about YOU, personally, being white, male, conservative,and Republican. It's all a personal attack on one man: YOU. Go ahead and sing us all a ballad about the white man's burden now, if the spirit moves.

Anonymous said...

Shafer is not the one saying it is about his being "white, male, conservative and Republican" -- that that is a direct quote from Cynthia Tucker!

Amber Rhea said...

Yes, and Shafer's the one who turned it into his personal whine-fest. Because how on earth could it be about anything but him?

Wait, which one was the party of identity politics...?

griftdrift said...

Okay, everybody to their neutral corners!

I will say this. I've had several off the record conversations with Sen. Shafer and he has some great ideas about helping Grady. And my impression is at this point he truly cares. I don't smell political pandering.

We'll see in January if I'm right.