Monday, August 20, 2007

Welcome to Alexandria, Va!

Just a quick pop in to a friends house for sleep and then off again in the morning.

Today was a good drive despite the weather. For the first time I encountered rain. I stuck mostly to the interstates through Pennsylvania. In Maryland I took some time to visit Antietam Battlefield National Park.

It was a nice bookend for the Gettysburg visit on the way up. It's a great park. Even though due to time constraints I only had a couple of hours, I liked it better than Gettysburg. It's not nearly as crowded and it is beautiful. Rollings hills and fields with the creek meandering down the middle. If you ever visit, make sure you leave enough time to walk around the Burnside Bridge area. Putting aside the history for a moment, it is one of the prettiest spots I have seen in any park anywhere.

Pictures are coming but not until the morning. I left the camera in the car and I ain't going back out in the rain.

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Mike-El said...

I think Antietam and Chickamauga are the two best battlefields I've visited in terms of having clearly laid-out flank markers and ease of following the flow of battle. The signage at Antietam is great, too. But no place simply "gets to me" like Gettysburg. The sense of history is just overwhelming as soon as you pull into town.