Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Daily Show Moment

Just watched tonight's Daily Show. Jon Stewart interviewed Stephen Hayes author of the new biography Cheney. He framed the interview in light of the recent 1994 video of Cheney poo-pooing the idea of invading Iraq.

Stewart was obviously upset about recent criticism of his post-9/11 commentary and rightfully so. I'm sure Crooks & Liars will have the video and I will link when John Amato has it up.

Here's the deal. We were right. You were wrong. Get used to hearing that. A lot.

And no matter how many times you call us traitorous, un-American, un-patriotic or whatever latest prejorative gets spit out by your ad hominem decoder rings, it is a fact that will not change.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, and the best Stephen Hayes could say in reply was the worn out neo-con response to any criticism of the administration's failed foreign policy, "9/11 changed everything." But I'll cut him a little slack, because being one of Bill Kristol's fluffers has to be a thankless job.