Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Saga Of The Underpants

Atlanta City Council member C.T. Martin wants to ban baggy pants.
Exposed boxer shorts and thongs would be illegal in any public place in Atlanta if the City Council approves a proposed amendment to the city's indecency laws.

Let's ignore for a moment it will never pass a constitutional test. Let's ignore for a moment the overtaxed police force is currently trying to prevent the city from returning to its O.K. Corral ways of the past.

Think of the the effect on the economy! What would happen to those places frequented by the working man. Places where gentlemen who no longer have the assets to provide support to the rear of their Wrangler's calmly sip their beverages in the comfort of a non-judgemental public viewing of partial nudity. Places where butt-crack is expected, nay required!

My God! Lenny's might have to shut its doors!

Can someone please think of the plumbers? For God's sake will anyone think of the plumbers?

h/t: Cracker Squire


Ray said...

Well, if we all need to get rid of our underpants, at least there is a web site to do it...

err... nsfw!

Anonymous said...

Yet another dumb intrusion into our private lives. I'm surprised some Congressman hasnt come up with this. Maybe George Bush can give churches some federal tax dollars to go into prisons and help prisoners understand why saggies are so harmful.