Friday, August 03, 2007

Everybody Hates Taxes!

It's the tax free weekend here in Georgia! Let the spending begin! Let the Wal-Marts and Best Buy's overflow with the writhing masses in search of cheap chinos and cut-rate computers!

So far today I have already received emails from two Representatives crowing about the joys of no taxes. Both shall remain unnamed but I will say one is a Republican and one is a Democrat. Guns and butter, especially butter, ummmmmm butter, will always cut across our most rigid lines.

Meanwhile, Speaker Glenn wants to completely axe property taxes. I have many deep and ponderous thoughts on this one but I will save them for later.

In the meantime, enjoy Rusty's tasty morsel on the matter.

And people say August is boring. Pardon me as I slather more butter on my pork.


rusty said...

I hope when people discuss the GlennTax that they try to keep the issue of local control separate from the issue of progressive vs. regressive tax structure. There's good reason even for people who support consumption taxes to balk at this proposal.

Anonymous said...

I agree that this idea is stupid (at least what i know of it) but i would think using both arguments against it would be good. It really isnt fair to let property owners just walk away and then dump a 4% tax hike on people in poverty and in minimum wage. Up here in the hills, once gas hits 3-3.15 per gallon, people start trying to sell their cars. They can barely break even just to drive to work. How "fair" is it to jack up their rates at the "relief" of the very people they pay rent to?