Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Results Show

After much, much ruminating, I have decided to make one of my second homes my roost to watch the exit polls roll in.

Manuel's fits like an old shoe and there's certain to be activist / pols / drunk crazies to eavesdrop on.

I'll be perched on a bar stool for a few hours so if you can figure out who I am stop by and say hi. I might even give you my real name.


Richard Campbell said...

Your real name...Ralph Harris?

griftdrift said...

Since you are determined to out me, I will go ahead and reveal it here.

Artie Leach

Sara said...

OK w/ 40% of the vote in your boy Shyam Reddy is getting beaten by crazy "I want to disenfranchise everybody" Angela Moore! What happened?!

Blackjackk said...

Someone was watching The Closer the other night weren't they?

Sara said...

I just saw footage on TV of twelve crazy people plus Cynthia McKinney dancing and holding signs. Meanwhile she is in a neck and neck race right now. It was the most ragtaggle bunch of people I have ever seen. If that footage does not make the Daily Show tomorrow I will be very, very disappointed.