Sunday, July 16, 2006

Watching The Lt. Gov Debate

I'm flipping between the Loudon race and the Georgia Republican Lt Gov debate.

I noticed something odd. Cagle's lectern is noticeably lighter than Reed's. Subtle symbolism or does Reed just attract the dark side?

UPDATE: Moderator John Pruitt asked Reed a very good question. How can you be against casino gambling and a strong supporter of the HOPE scholarship which is funded with a lottery. Reed dodged all over the place but he did say that its a settled issue that the Georgia voters have voted and that's that. Cagle hit back pretty hard mentioning Jack Abramoff and Reed's work to kill the Alabama lottery. Oh how the times have changed. Anyone remember how the "values" candidates fought the lottery tooth and nail?

UPDATE II: During the portion where candidates question each other Cagle went straight for the jugular with an Abramoff question. You should see the look in Cagle's eyes. These two guys REALLY don't like each other. This is nasty!

UPDATE III: It just finished. Due to a green-white-checker at Loudon I only saw about half of it. Typical debate where everyone already knows the issues and the candidates don't throw too many surprises. It was particularly tense and it's pretty obvious this campaign has taken its toll. Overall I doubt it changes many minds. Still this is probably the race to watch Tuesday night.

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Sara said...

Sec. of State just started on PBS.