Sunday, January 14, 2007

Iran: Old Is New Again

With all the saber-rattling towards Iran, I decided to dig up something I wrote all the way back in April 2006.

Also, Iran is not Iraq. Iraq is mostly desert. Iran is mostly mountains. A problem with the geographically challenged American consciousness is we visualize the entire middle east as one vast flat desert. Not so in Iran. The most populous regions actually lay in basins between imposing mountain ranges. If invasion moved forward, there would be no dash to Tehran as there was to Baghdad. The likely scenario would be months if not years of slogging slowly towards the population centers.

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Anonymous said...

An invasion or military attack on Iran at this point would end up in abject defeat for the United States- not a quagmire, a direct defeat.

possum said...

Well, that doesn't bother Bush. It'll just hurry up the Rapture for him and his buddies.