Saturday, September 15, 2007


Huge match today against the Blues at Stamford Bridge. I can hope for a draw and the point. Would an outright win be too much to dream?

Hey nast? How's those Spurs doing?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. There is no joy in Tottenham these days. I expect that Jol will be on the outs soon. They just have too much talent to be this bad.

On the positive side, the Cubs are still in first place, and Celtic are on a roll heading into their Champions League qualifier this week.

Anonymous said...

Aw nuts, I spoke too soon. Celtic down 2-0 to Shakhtar Donetsk only 10 minutes into the match. And they're supposed to be the easiest in the group.

Well, at least I still have the Cubs going to the playoffs. Right? Right???