Sunday, September 02, 2007

"Staggering Numbers"

Everybody's poring through the Grady audit. On this morning's Georgia Gang, Dick Williams alledged Grady provided $37 million in health services in fiscal year 2006 to counties outside Fulton and Dekalb. I haven't verified Dick's numbers but if he is correct, to paraphrase his later conclusion, you start adding that up over a number of years and pretty soon your talking about real money.

We've all always wondered how beholden the rest of the state is to Grady. We may now finally discover the hard truth.

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possum said...

Dick Williams would be in favor of that, right? -- Letting the poor of Fulton and DeKalb pay for the rich from the suburbs? Isn't that what a good conservative Georgian would be for? Did Dick get into the Republican Party's bizarre and CONSTANT homosexual practices on his show yesterday? Just asking.