Friday, September 07, 2007

My Morning Wooten: Weather Edition

Too much pork for just one fork.
One day before Hurricane Dean hit Mexico, Texans were being urged to prepare for possible evacuation. We’re now up to Felix and from one day to the next, scientists cannot speak with certainty on the path of a hurricane. But the computer models that predicts global warming’s catastrophic future are taken by many as the gospel. But of course mass starvation was to be our future too before the Green Revolution.

Actually, the National Hurricane Center predicted a Yucatan landfall for Dean about five days out. Still, the Center always cautions to not depend too much on predictions over three days. Three days out, the NHC had Dean's second landfall in the central part of Mexico.

Of course, Texans were "urged" to be prepared. Note there were no required evacuations, only a cautionary message. Why? Because, although Dean was almost certainly going to hit south of the border, indeed, there was a small chance the storm could move north and being prepared is being prudent. In the end evacuations weren't necessary, because the initial predictions of those darned scientists were pretty much dead on.

But why acknowledge that due to new computer modeling the NHC has had a startling record of accuracy for the past three years when you can simply spin tales to support a political agenda that seems to oppose good science? Probably the same philosophy which lets you ignore the fact that both Dean and Felix turned into Category 5 bombs after entering the increasingly warm waters of the western Carribean.

As far as the "green revolution", population explosion fears in the 40's absolutely did lead to technological innovations, including the conservative darling DDT I might add, in food production which saved millions of people world wide. Some also argue the stability provided by families actually being able to feed their children kept certain third world countries from becoming petri dishes for communist revolution.

Why do you hate the fight against communism, Jim?

There's more craziness in today's column but instead of listening to me further, feel free to read for yourself using the asshattery of this initial paragraph as a prism of common sense and reality.

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