Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Grady Resolution

I was just sent a copy of the resolution passed yesterday by the Fulton Dekalb Hospital authority. It does not mandate state participation in exploring Grady's transition to a non-profit entity.
...the Authority does hereby request and authorize the Chairperson to appoint a special committee of Trustees (the "Exploratory Committee"), consisting of such number of the Board of Trustees as the Chairperson shall determine...
It goes on to recommend this "exploratory committee" consult with what it calls an "Advisory Group" which should consist of civic, government, etc. entities. But this is not mandated.

It also ask the new group to immediately explore securing funds to keep the hospital open.

So, we are still at the point of the same people in charge but still asking for money. This is progress?

You can download a full copy of the resolution HERE. Document is in PDF format.

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