Monday, September 24, 2007

Grady Deal Under Fire

From an astute reader, prior to today's Grady meeting, folks on both sides were not happy with the way it's being played out. From Insider Advantage.

Dekalb Commissioner Elayne Boyer:
“DeKalb taxpayers pay 30 percent of the local funding of that hospital, yet we haven’t had a say in this plan,” she said. “The audacity of the Grady board absolutely floors me.”
From the New Grady Coalition:
“The plan ignores the issues of Emory University's one-sided contract to manage Grady, Emory's billings and the fact that Emory is Grady's chief competitor through Crawford Long Hospital,” he said. “Tens of millions of dollars are being lost every year because of inadequate documentation and poor oversight'
And did anyone wonder why this past week's Georgia Gang made no mention of Grady? Could it be because regular Georgia Gang panelist Jeff Dickerson was hired by Grady and is brokering the behind the scenes meetings? Guess Jeff is earning those fees this week.

Something must have been done to appease Dekalb since as of 3:00pm the meeting was back on. But from what I am being told, still no vote yet.

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